This is one of the rare times that the title has nothing to do with anything. Part of a return from a week long break from everything really. Work included. A wonderful and healing vacation. I hope the ending here leads to good fruits.

My spiritual journey can resume on schedule. I had allowed a wonderful distraction. Gods Left Hand intervened on two behalfs, at least two. It’s a strange journey, one that in time will be able to be shared.

I tried to do the future posts, and yeah I realize I made some mistakes, like not knowing key American holidays this month. To be fair I needed a vacation, which I got. working of course. Lot’s of working, more to do.

I need to return to my schedule of two comics a day. I’m officially as of this post at my 50% goal. It feels great. Thank you everyone, thank you God! My creator! Thank you my Self for allowing me to get this far. Now, let’s see if I can make some changes and add some art lessons into my mornings. Perhaps as an “easy” way to wake up.

I would like to stream the lesson and the comic for donations for my Faiths Endeavor, but that is soon. So very soon, hopefully.

Retail has stalled a little bit, but perhaps I can work on that in a bit tonight, unless I get too distracted. I am meeting someone from Church. An inital meeting, nothing solid. I don’t want to abandon the Church, I just want the Church to fight back against certain forced cultural norms that are not based on Logic, Order, Truth, Love, Courage, or Science. It is tyranny, but that is not the point of THIS blog. Not here, not yet at least.

I have plans for, but so far, as always I am the only champion for this cause. It will change when I can do more with Retail, but it is hard to convince people to work for free. That is why my creative success rate is so low, I am working for free, when in reality I should be working to set an appropriate standard.

Goals for the Lifestyle.

I enjoy the work I am in now, but I am told that I am in the wrong field. I Serve the King, but I also am avoiding a choice.

I give you entertainment and honesty. For my Sitcom: Keeping Up with the Virtues. I might be the type that would be a better comedic writer than a comic strip writer. What is holding THAT back is art.

So work on the art, stilly. It’s time. 10 years o’ Learning. It’s time.

Gotta get some stuff in Order, then head on out to either coffee or a smoothie.

These before times are fun. When I am with the Bride of Christ, times will be different.

They need to be different. The Virtues are returning and they will help the people cast out the real wicked, not do whatever the media or banks tell them do to via trucheon or boot!

That again is neither here nor there. I hope your workweek is successful. I know I skipped this weekend for archives and Sundays, but I needed to do some Spiritual Training, that doesn’t mean angels and demons, it means healing and restoration of the mind, body, and emotions, the most important of them all. Masculinity and Feminty is returning as it must, as it is needed for the next iteration.

Good luck and lots of money for all of your projects. I hope every one of you readers makes a million dollars. You don’t need to share it with me, just invest in your locality and fight against Chaos so that we can all

Remain in Light.