As you can see I am not updating the blog as much. Two comics a day or 1+ is draining. I know I cannot keep this pace up forever. I’m at my halfway mark. There is a lot of Truth in this comic, regarding me and my “art”.

This comic IS art. It’s not the best drawn, but for as much time as I devote, or can devote it is what it is. Work is hectic, the real life stuff. The comic takes a lot more time than I previously thought, but once my first goal is met, I will have more headspace to be free.

Wish me luck to work more on Retail!? I hope by now it’s on its way to being made and money is a more serious concern. I don’t know, that is 2 weeks from now! Or when this is published…. The past, today, was\is such a simpler time. When this posts… wow, right?

So many changes.

Trying not to be serious, havin’ fun. You get it.

Perhaps when the month buffer (I am still stoked I got this far, thanks God! Thanks Family and Friends! I know it CAN be better, but for now, this is great, I would like to see how far I can take it) is done, I can focus a little more on “art”ing, sometimes it translates into the strip.

Speaking of which I need to go back to better backgrounds. Those are cop outs. I wanted to take a little break from clouds. I do want to come back, maybe tomorrow.

I will skip some blogins, as I post these much less than 24 hr between each other. The blog, I TRY to accompany, so the day begins, or in this case ends, on a great note!

Thank you for reading this nay you have good luck and success in all of your projects; may you always

Remain in Light.