This is a lively discussion that was made a few weeks before today, the 10th! So you can see where I am going with this. Virtues are what defines ‘Good’ and Ethical. As for Moral, that is a discussion that is between the Self and the political group that individual identifies with, chiefmost first, then down the chain o’ loyalty o’ command.

The 3 Major Virtues are Truth, Love, and Courage.

Truth represents the patterns of Reality and recognizing that one will know it all, but the investigation is worth the while.

Courage is the ability to defend (with Reason) oneself, ones loved ones, ones ideas, and ones country or political group of chiefmost important.

Love is what binds Truth and Couarge together. None are more important, but without Love, Truth and Courage cannot exist. Love establishes Truth and Love, and is always the first Major virtue to leave, then comes Truth, then Courage.

My finger hurts, accidently typed a thousand or so words today. Now I’m gonna go post the comic for the 25th. Also set up Sundays and Saturadays Strips as well. I neglected these past 2 weeks. Look for updates on the weekend(s)!

Good luck and success in all of your projects and may you always,

Remain in Light.