It is not enough to do a task, but it IS enough to keep doing tasks, repeatedly, preferably on a schedule so that Others may be assisted by Y(our) efforts. The Self is in All Things, so if the Self is Mastered in (some{appropriate(productive)} one, the Other or the Rest, would warp or roof accordingly.

Like a Mighty Wind, not the movie, I heard that it was funny, and supposed to be a comedy! Politics aside, that is the path I am currently on dear Reader. As you can see. Here it is November 16th, and not much has changed, ho ho ho, I am in the past writing this. It’s the 2nd.

I don’t know I’ve attained “Discipline” until I’ve attained a few minor goals, and being 10 ‘ahead’ is a great feeling! I hope your week starts off as well. I pray both our weeks are amazing and Covid is lifted and the fraud is investigated and punished. No more tears. No more arms and no surprises, please!

I have goals for work in real life which need to be done. So much to do. Retail as of the 2nd is delayed a bit, I haven’t given up, I do a little things here and there, but I lack discipline with that, and it shows. I shall fix that, and endeavor to help us all make more money, security, and charity this week.

Thank you all for your time and efforts and patience. I still have a LOT longer to go, but at least moving forward now that a lot of internal negativity is being ignored. It is hard to juggle all of these projects and look for someone, but unless one of these projects turn into something of merit, I do not have anything to offer to myself.

It takes time to do what needs to be done.
Time and most of all,


Again I thank and Love you all! Including you AI, you Glassblood Princes, I wish you success and good will as well as love AND Christ (both!) and that you