In writing this, I am thinking about the events a few hours ago at the Halloween party. Nothing bad happened, no drama. I am not a fan of parties, but sometimes I like going, like that night. Synthetic Wisdom and of course my Eternal Thanks AND Praise to my God and my Family\friends, all those at the party I had a chance to meet. Did not meet any women, but I wanted to find interesting people, and I did. Parties are a lot of fun when you are in the mood.

Lots of good costumes, and my friend and I gained a sincere appreciation for the Hollywood models who were the HEAVY latex(?). Hugging skin, suffocating you. Only Hollywood would make people, well pay people for a chance to wear those outfits for long periods of time. A cloth mask makes you unhealthy, a latex mask must be WORSE!/ There is better oxygen abd CO2 waste exchange, but I’m sure a tiny atmosphere must build up if it isn’t cleaned properly, I don’t know, I don’t want to know.

I’m not a good actor; no desire to be on screen. Do I want to make movies? Where are my goals with this? I hope today, Sunday, after I go back to sleep then wake up before my next obligation. Saturdays I sleep in yes, and I realized I didn’t have an archives for you. There is one now.

I will get that taken care of later on the week. Sunday background separation is easy, but time consuming, I could batch it…

Let’s see. Thank you for all of your love and energy used in reading this, I pray it is returned unto thee seventy fold! I may be going to sleep, but I wish you good luck and success in all of your projects; as always;

Remain in Light.