Today being the 29th of October. I hope I fix my mistake I made yesterday. Voting is on the 11th, unless something weird happens inbetween now and when I fix it tomorrow morning in 5 hours when I wake up for tomorrow.

There is so much work to be done, and what I need to do is organize, plan, and turn it all into tasks. I really liked the Task Worksheet idea at work. It inspired me to redo my template for Synthetic Wisdom. It’s still the same panels to YOU, Dear Reader; but to ME, I have folders, LOTS of folders.

I do have one for color. So you might see a change after the 29th, when both the strip and this blog were conceived as my nightly medicine attempts to tire me out. So much typing today. Very little productive. A brief respite is over, and tomorrow its back to the grind, only now, I am stronger and better than the day before. Much stronger and better. Thank you God (Hashem!!!) my Family and Friends and Frenemies and Friends I haven’t met yet (ssssStrangerz) I am very grateful for another opportunity to create this comic, whatever it is, it is my Oath to you, to myself, and I guess Humanity as well, but I imagine a strange person would laugh all the time at this, unless it was that sappy Spinach and Mary one.

That comic inspired me to do something different. On the 1st of November you will have seen a strip on Sunday. That is right!

Backgrounds of some strips will now be showcased on Sundays. What Order? Who knows?!? I will pick random comics, and possibly you see some repeats, it depends on how long it takes for me to fill the ol’ buffer, which is the first major Task of this particular Holy Endeavor. It’s really exciting being able to draw these characters and of course the backgrounds, write my thoughts out, and write these corresponding posts. Well, sometimes.

So much energy, politics is a waste of time. Science and Philosophy and programming, and making games\comics and hopefully soon more, more, more! MORE!! I need MUCH more Courage for that. I’m doin’ great already, but I cannot imagine what more Courage would to do me at this point. Perhaps open an art book and improve at a better rate? Ain’t Nobody got time for ‘dat.

Hohohoho. I would like to, in all honesty, but soon, I plan on doing that. I’m starting to get in the future groove, it’s a strange feeling, but I’m diggin’ it. Shame it can only go for 31 days…

This schedule will be the death of me. I believe this is a ‘Divine’ kind of inspiration. I am going to use this breakthrough to complete this Major Task (Major Dad on DvD, BluRay , and Streaming!!). I feel great and wonderful. Blood work shows me where I need to improve and already began those improvements too. Feelin’ healthier like I am recovering from a surgery and an infection from an implant that might have been a little more serious than I let on, or allowed myself to feel.

The mood from the mind is incredibly powerful on the body.

This is why Optimism and a good bedside manner, as well as Faith will help increase ones chance of survival from … the complicated stuff. A good diet\exercise and a positive outlook\sunshine is also the great panacea of the human body.

I wish you and your families and friends and loved ones good health, success, enough wealth to reinvest in your community\country\fellow man and for all US to

Remain in Light.