This was more of a political comic, for that I do not apologize, but will endeavor to do still try my hardest to make this comic. Life is Politics and Politics is Life. Freedom [only] in Death. Grim, yes, right, it’s ok, it’s all ok, not because of the after “life”, but because you are reading this NOW. My Dedication, or attempt at dedication at an oath, a fulfillment, and a schedule\service to the King and My Self (remember it’s in ALL things?)

For you reader, I hope to give you ‘better’ comix in the future, but for now, together we discover Synthetic Wisdom together as I learn to control it, more and more and more. The Art world is still frightening, and with good reason too. My bodys destruction is not what I am afraid of it. This comic is a way to approach in a fashion that apparently suits me best.

I might have said this already, but, way back in the third, my class had to make a newspaper. Complete with ads, articles, and you guessed it, classified ads. Which includes, you also guessed it, a comic section. It was one of the few projects I (wanted to) finished early before the deadline. First, I started writing a few comics, then I got stuck. I immediately got to work on the rest of the newspapers. Sports, Front Page, I think a Business section. Made up articles, printed and pasted pages of recycled newspaper paper. Whenever I got stuck I just moved back and forth between b.s. article about whatever and some lame attempt to mock the Comic Funnies I read as a child.

Some people might have taken this as a sign from above to draw comics, but to me, as a young kid, I didn’t know this, I wanted to lampoon the comics because they weren’t funny. I never really laughed at them. I was enamored by the art, but the humor and writing was and still is stilted and dated, even as the Syndicate allows them to be more hip and modern. Calvin and Hobbes was probably my favorite of them all, the backgrounds as you may have guess were the best part, to me. The angle and imagination, the whole comic encapsulated a feeling that felt close, being in school and also having an imagination and a desired to do, but like Calvin, I was too lazy\crazy\childy\etc.. to put my intelligence to good use.

School is an attempt at teaching dedication. Now, school is political subversion, subterfuge, deceit, etc… It was there when I was in attendance, and it was out in the open as well, I just wasn’t focused on what was invading our perceptions.

Looking back now, I see that I had a cartoonist inside of me trying to get out, and I didn’t nuture it, I kept it inside, and reeked havoc upon my soul\intellect\emotions\physical being. Focus is the most important lesson I would have learned. Everything else (save for the Virtues) is meaningless, but even for this Task of Task, my Holy Work. I should really set up a donation to the House of Light, work on a business plan and see how much it costs to get started.

By now Retail!? is doing well. I have another deck done, two actually! :P. Two more stores to go!! Ok, that was me being a self prophet, BUT instead, let’s call it what it actually is, I am writing this on 10/29/2020, Thursday Morning. Exercise in about 10 minutes. Gotta be fast. Let us call it: Goal Setting. A foolish type of setting, but, join ME, dear Reader, on this fool’s journey to be a hero of his own life first. This comicry is just a beginning.

Just a beginning, like every project, and with all of them for you, I wish them and yourself good luck and success; may your deeds and Virtue help us ALL to

Remain in Light.