When I first blogged back in 2002-3 ish, I used to use the extra features like mood, but after the novelty wore off, I wondered why. Does adding emotion validate contempt or some kind of bias? I could have added more, but all of it is fluff, MOST of the time. Sometimes.

This was one of the Strange Time where the comic idea hit met. I was supposed to be done an hour ago! ‘Twas quick. Those backgrounds are just time syncs.

Next Friday is here for you, dear Reader, but for me, it is the future, speaking to the past through the present. It’s strange, but fun, a gift from learning to write and differentiate between right and wrong..eventually. Honor and Courage. Ask and ye shall receive.

I think this day is Election Day for 2020. It’s a strange time, lots of vanity and useless decorum, all for a predetermined outcome long before any vote was cast. In this Realm none of that matters. What matters is Freedom exists. Soon more.

By now I will have finished Retai!? (Thank you God! [Hashem] prototype and have played it made notes and gotten some art collected, and on my way for crowdfunding. I will only give Personal predictions here. To remain on the Focus of writing about ongoing projects, Updates.

Not the REAL world, but the Schwo-World.

He’s got the Shwo(le)World in His Hands. :P.

It is time to rest, its late now. I need to be up at 4:30 am to get ready for another comic\day! I wish you Good Luck and Gods Blessings along with the success of all of your projects; and always

Remain in Light!?