Talk about Improvement, huh? Look at today’s comic. Not bad, huh? Getting better. This time the content needs more work. Or does it? I write what I do. I met my Goal today of waking up early, getting the comic done in about 55 minutes, and now I begin this blog. Thank you God, my Family, Friends, my new enemies, etc, without you… These are the “early” mass production years, so expect what you keep expecting.

I did not get a chance to work on Retail!? Other concerns had occurred some good and some bad, such is life, right? It’s ok, I have to do a few things for work, then I can devote some time today to do it. After hours is best\ideal. What is holding me back the most is the work conditions.

I do not treat Retail!? with the seriousness it deserves. The prototype has to be hand crafted, card design front and back. Themes. It’s quite the endeavor but the game is a lot of fun. Good clean fun. I cannot wait to see what @Allegedmen of fame is doing. I should check the Google Drive, but the list of things I should do….

There are many ways to improve, but the BEST one, is the one in which I can move forward “the easiest” towards a goal. Sadly, none of my goals at this time concerning, as the comic and the buffer are the main concern. The rest are informed by such an act of discipline. Like an inner college course. Without all of that flotsom of the surrounding environ, A good din at times, for some, for others, learning is best done under freedom. When topics and locked gates prevent self improvement as one keeps arriving at the same conclusions, yet the same people keep blocking it.

Of course its only natural to try to find a ‘faster’ way, but building character, like trust, credibility, or even credit, takes time and effort, the virtue diligence which comes from Sacrifice which in and of itself IS how to express Courage. When ones foe(s) are purely existential, Courage is needed for One to Love oneself which means looking at the Truth, no matter how “bad” it seems. The majority of issues can be fixed, the less “real” they are. That is the cornerstone and curse of philosophy. When one loves a wisdom or a thing more than what Wisdom represents, the Truth of the Self (Our 1st Gift of God [Second is Salvation\{Intercourse}]), it is here we have the Temple to receive the First gift, and the Second is the Altar upon which our beat to the background noise\melody of time. Until we can no longer keep count of our own song. We get lost.

A blessing for the Buddhists.

A desire to cease for the Christians. The two sides of the Ego. We choose which side is up when we don’t exercise our body, mind, [full face to full face] social habits; our very souls start to pitch and wane and atrophy. Decay and Corruption convince “Us” that what is bad is good, and what is good is bad. Truth is relative and easily forgotten with a scandal. Away from reality and back to Schwofield to end it.

I have more comics to create, and more blogs to write. Free. Freedom to converse and say anything, no violence or destruction in the physical realm is what I do. Or offending for the sake of offending is not something I care to do either. Individually we are all human, but to WHAT do we declare our fealty to; does that Agency allow the way I wish to practice Faith? Through Comics, and a want for an “NPO”, I’ll even pay taxes on it as a way to generate revenue for the government, as a thank you, of course that would also mean accounting.

I keep going into the real world. It is time for me to go. I only scheduled about about 15 minutes for this, good luck and thank you for everything! I love and appreciate you, also I wish you success on your endeavors.

Remain in Light!