I believe I do not have a post for a few days this week. After the comic, I like to unwind with a little bloggin’. I think in the interest of MY time I must keep these short and sweet.

I got an artist for Retail!? I should be able to get my friend started shortly. I’ve worked with him in the past, well tried to, but I am not good at following. Some might accuse me of being “Spinach”, but I am clearly more of a “Clint” at times. Ho ho ho, Self referential material.

I hope to have some good news, and be able to work on it. I seem to avoid working on it as ‘other’ projects develop. These are during post work hours. Synthetic Wisdom is more important, atm. Not just the dailies, but the buffer which is the “fast track” towards improvement. I have a cartooning book by Stephen Marchat, the “Cartonist’s Workshop.” It’s on my table next to me, fact down, holding up a framed piece believe called the Night Jar by the international acclaimed Israeli Artist Racheli Tzairi. I like her use of color. I have a few of her pieces about the office and home. I’m not one for art, but they are GREAT for helping me to fulfill my daily Oath. I can start to understand Honor, but not until this compulsion to draw this comic goes into full swing.

This is great, and I am grateful of course, but I have a lot more work to do.

So very much worse, and with labor\resources and of course loyalty(and dedication) things can and will get done. By the Grace of God and the allowance of my (the) Self to grow and accept the inner truths of learning as I make Synthetic Wisdom. Thank you all for your love and support, I wish you the best of Luck and of also Love (Truth, and the Virtues) on your projects, especially for those of us who try to,

at the very least,
Remain in Light.