This won’t be a ‘preachy’ post. Just another post that I wanted to title the same as today’s Synthetic Wisdom. I’m 5 days in the future with this. It’s next Next Friday, from today, the Sunday in which this written on the 25th of the year of our Lord 2020.

Maybe Sundays will be Blog Sundays for now. Until a I reach the next Phase in my Synthetic Wisdom plan. I can get a lot of work on it done today. The sooner I finish this, the more I can devote myself to the task of getting Retail!? done. I don’t have a good system for it, I am working on building that but I wish to make Synthetic Wisdom a regular thing first. I am on my way, too, but I have sub Goals that are being met first. It’s a relief to be able to have Spinach and Clint walking around. I am very grateful that I’ve been able to draw these two and the other characters that inhabit their world, now our world as I manifest it into reality.

Money from Synthetic Wisdom is out of the question, but the internal results are worth more than gold. I do have 2 or so comics whose worth are super inflated, that was a test, but since my comic doesn’t have that many viewers, by happenchance\stance a wealthy benefactor wished to make donation[Mitzvah] to the House Of Light those comics are the way. I should make an NPO and have the HoL be the name of it. What is it? It’s like a church, It is a church. What I found with in the Catholic Faith, but lacking in the Catholic Church. Order and Chaos. The beginning, the end, the alpha, the omega, ho him, see? Not long at all. Not Jewish, btw, just like certain things I found with in. Lotta questions though. Meanwhile-

2 hours to create the comic. Technically an hour and a half…ish. Getting there. I am meeting or exceeding expectations with 1 comic a day, but I take Saturdays off. It works out best for my Schedule, and it also puts me in a better mood\spirit for Church. More rest too.

I am still on the fence about Age Of Empires III :Definitive Edition, it is a (very)hard game, not that fun. It has cool battles, and the artillery have that same wonderful feeling they always have. The loud boom of the discharge, then the boom of the target getting hit. Satisfying, but the tactics are for a person who is less casual than I am. Which is fair. I play games for fun. I also prefer shortcuts now that I am getting older. With the comic, I try hard to make the best I can AND fulfill a task I set for myself. They are not THAT funny, but then again Comedy is hard, so I default to my research of existentialism, which now unfortunately is been more focused on politics and religion than what it means to be a human; but both of those groups are the result of being a human, unless it’s ALL a lie. In which case, a lot of bets would be off the table.

I am an hour behind, as I wanted to start at 0500 and be done at 0600 with the next hour devoted the blog or retail!? Then 0700 It’s time for that walk and some exercise before breakfast. I need to keep telling myself my schedule to keep myself accountable. I don’t like secrets from you, I want you to know that I am trying to get stronger, better, and filled with more Love than the previous day.

Thank you everyone for your help, your grace, your Love, your compassion, your kindness, and your time. The most precious resource. Thank you again I appreciate you, dear reader, and YOU the writer of this blog, as well as the God and the hierarchy are of His Belief structure. I cannot wait to see what the next Synthetic Wisdom will be!
In the meantime I wish you good luck and success in all of your projects!

Remain in Light.