This was Published:┬áMay 22, 2012. So yeah, that’s what it used to look like on a wacom bamboo fun graphics tablet. I still have it too. It works, kind of, it’ll do. Even in 2012 it was old. I purchased it back in 2005 or 6.

Back then I was afraid to use it, I didn’t think I was artist enough. Now I know better. Now, I know much better. Back then though. Dark times. I’m in a MUCH better place as you can see now. The comic is coming along. As of this writing, I am up to next thursday! Sundays will be delayed unless I make a comic tomorrow(I’ve got a little work to do tonight before I sleep, shhh!)

Those days, I had my 1 sketchbook. My first sketchbook. That thing I purchased after high school, a few years after, I had called the art kids names, and being a young conservative back then, the right brained kids and I didn’t get along. So, thus the world of “art” as my approach to it, was one where I ridiculed anyone who attempted it, and in turn suffered because of it. Took be well over 8 years to not be afraid of a tablet and my “ability” enough to use it every day.

I like the mentality that one HAS to be made at 0500 HRS. You won’t see it for some time, but these were never for YOU. These are my conversations with God and my Self (Which is in ALL Things, tee hee), and the result of an ongoing thing, for lack of a better term. Retail!? is for you, the audience. Hopefully soon, other products and services.

I would like to get a wild hair and finish Retail!? this weekend to the point I have the prototype decks able to be printed (properly this time) and the game started to be play testing. I am going to leave the card id on the prototype cards this time, as this will help the data change better. I better get a ledger for some people, 2, 1 for the store, 1 for changes. 2 spiral notebooks ought to do it.

This whole project as of now is riding on me; and I’m running away temporarily to have a massive spiritual breakthrough, and attempt to meet certain goals I have set for myself. is farther down the line, as for now, Synthetic Wisdom.

What else do you want me to talk about?

Thank you for reading this, good luck and success on all of your projects!

Remain in Light!