I was way off on this one. I wrote this title first, then left, made about two strips, then sat down this morning to work on a short blogga.

Retail !? is delayed due to Synthetic Wisdom. I’m ahead by nearly a whole week, and I am at two a day, I will try to squeeze three a day until I hit my buffer goal, then it’s just one a day, and work on Sundays over the week.

I will try to make a Sunday Buffer, but that is a LOT more time consuming. I will try it, attempt it at lease, but goals, goals, goals.

Other goals:

Set up a more study grow light setup for my crops.

Set up a home server, for SQL and Minecraft VMs.

Learn a language for work\play\Schwofield.

Finish Retail!? ASAP, since I consider Synthetic Wisdom Holy Work, it takes precedence and I should take advantage of this creativity wave. They may not be funny, but they are my best. I will also not charge money for them. Keep the archives open and free.

Real Life work has goals as well, Business being one of them. I may try to forecast into the future oft times, but the goal isn’t to wait for the future, but to deal with the present, correctly. Set ones sights on a goal and head on, usually straight, but events cause us to maneuver and meander towards our heading. The less it changes the better. Who knows the depths and and breadths of life?

I am so very thankful to my Family, Friends, every human and other i’ve met, God and Jesus the Christ for allowing this to be possible, and of course my Self (which is in all things, haha!) for allowing such change to happen. I feel like my Research can finally come to fruition, and this is just the beginning. No longer shall I, nor any one else should hide.

We are Light, as long as we

Remain in Light.

Good luck and success mit all of your projects! Go in Peace!

P.S. I will try to write some future articles. Once the buffer grows it will be easier for such things. Toodles!