This is getting cool. I have a buffer, a small one. I am building up. I have plans. Things are going great!

No word on Retail!? though, Synthetic Wisdom and Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition have stolen me away. Didn’t work out nearly as much as I should have.

Diet is pretty good. A fruit juice popsicle is the only treat? Unless you count carbonated Orange Juice. Here’s my future prediction, the Mets win the World Series! Just kidding, I wouldn’t use my ability on that if I believed in such nonsense! I am grateful to God, my family\friends, and loved ones, and my Self (which resides in all things!) that allowed my Self to get this far with my “art”.

I am not perfect with my relationship, but again, Synthetic Wisdom is a Spiritual Oath. Fulfilling it is multifaceted, BUT, it took multiple approaches to find something that worked. There was a lot of behind the scenes; as well as behind the behind the scenes, including, behind the behind the BEHIND the scenes. What scene am I on not? Ho ho ho! It is good to laugh.

Such a ridiculous thing.

I like these future posts a lot. I vowed a loooong time ago to never post a blog unless I had a comic to go with it. Here it is! Muwhahaha! Good luck with all of your projects. I love you!

Remain in Light!