This was written, and the comic was drawn a day in advance. It’s nice not having to rush, although, due to Age of Empires III, the Definitive Edition, I spent many failed attempts trying to play as the Germans against 1 hard opponent. I was slaughtered every time. I am not that good at it, but I enjoy it. Must be aware though, it is easy to waste time in games, like in Minecraft, which is more Social than it is anything else.

Perhaps when I begin to Publish Retail!? and turn into a real company and move towards [more] media creation. My real life I wish to make strides in as well, I don’t like to talk about any o’ that here, but I will try to keep this towards Schwofield and other stuff. Sometimes real, sometimes false, always for you, dear reader. To entertain, to offend, to warm, to heal, to do all these things and more, for you. Well, there is also my ‘desire’ to create.

Synthetic Wisdom is my Spiritual Oath that I am finally able to keep.

My next goal\milestone is to start a buffer. That means 2-3 comics a day will have to be drawn for several weeks until I am about 30 days behind.

Does this include Sundays? Those are a bit rough, so they will come as I am able to make them.

I have a bit more card creation to do, but hopefully by the end of today, I can make more cards, update the google drive for Allegedman, and start looking for others that might want to help make this happen. There is a lot of promise for it, and a good return on the investment, not great, but enough to make a splash, set a tone, and get us going.

For Work I am learning Databasing that kind of stuff. Let’s see what tomorrow will bring!

Good Luck and Success in ALL of your Endeavours.

Remain in Light!