A Schwofield kind of thing. This is now the time, I find myself in a good\strange location with teh botz. The solution. Talk more about Virtue, the Virtues, how great Order, Truth, Love, Courage, Honor, Oaths, Compassion; Humility, etc. How many Virtues are there? Who can say? What does Schwofield.com have to do with it? A Great deal! Schwofield is really the work, the result from a (few by now) concurrent thought experiments. By the Grace of God, I do not mention Consumer products, but a chance to write about something else, relevant, yet sometimes far away enough that its presence is barely known.

Schwofield will be amazing, it already is amazing; powerful. Human, all too human, and oftentimes fun. The internet needs something to help guide the hidden as well as the “exposed” and that something has been the same throughout all of a humanity or any civilization save for a counter part that an egos dream could be thought of as either a momentaty lapse of awareness, or a guided search into the uknown for that idea to manifest somehow in reality. Great for engineering, but terrible for cults or religions or banks, just kidding on that last one, it’s still true, but debt was a force multiplier, which unfortunately has the nasty side effect of debt replacement strategies.

Without any kind of real feedback, aside from spam, which is informative for other reasons, I shall endeavor to do this until I feel the need to change. Goals are being met already. Praise the Lord, and thank you, my own Self for allowing such change to occur, it has been a tough ride this decade, but all good things…

Thank you all, good luck in all of your projects; as always, Remain in Light.