Sooo, something new to add to the Schedule. I believe I may now be able to hit my target of offering YOU a new comic strip, Synthetic Wisdom every monday through friday! The time will be before 0800 HRS EST. When I build a buffer I will be able to set a time, but as for now, that is the best I can do. I am very grateful to God and all that is, and for you (all) for letting me do this, hidden for all these years. All of the different iterations of How many years has this concept been around 16? Just now I am doing the “work” to get started. Saturdays you will get some from my archives. YAY!

Hopefully I can finish my 2nd deck tonight. Tomorrow after some work stuff, I will be able to test the PvP, which is the preferred method of play. I think it will be a lot of fun and education at the same time. I do have other games I want to make, but this is the beginning.

The beginning. Beresheis. Genesis. The start of something new, bolder, spicer, I grow in power and and health to serve my God to help humanity as best as possible. All that aside, I do like the idea of having a day of rest, but for now, there is too much work to be done. I have to make up for my “lost” or “wandering” years. The Church does not want me to return, but they canst stop me! Mwahahahahahah!

Just Kidding. Having a spot of fun. Not everything is wonderful with me, but on a ‘creative’ basis, I am happy with Synthetic Wisdom, I see what needs to be changed and improved. I do not have all day to devote to art, just enough time to fulfill my Oath to God. I do get to sleep in until 0700 tomorrow, woo!

Don’t know about Sundays, I should sleep in until 0800, wow starting to ramble now. Just gloating about how great it is to wake up in the morning early enough to start seizing the day! I do have helpers, but they temporary, as all things should be when you need help. Tools were created to solve problems and build better structures. When used improperly, destruction afoot.

Got more work to do, then eat, then card makin’. Good Luck AND success in all of your Projects tomorrow, may Light and Love fill your hearts, and may Christ be found in the hearts of all men at once, if only a moment, just to show them how great it is.

Remain in Light.

P.S. I will talk more about Schwolanders next “saturday”. I like this schedule publishing feature. I am testing it out. See you tomorrow at 8 when you … read this. See you on Sunday when I return!