Synthetic Wisdom has been my “learning” comic for a decade now. Learning to what exactly? Draw? Still need lessons and better techniques, but it is improving. This year has been great! Fantastic, a wonderful year. God bless this year!

It looks like my (goal) of a M-Fri comic might be attainable. I feel better, physically, intellectually, emotionally, overall spiritually. There is a LOT of work to do. I just added a team member to the Retail!? game, yesterday I\we (he told me what to do, I just followed directions in Clip Studio Paint, my favourite drawing program) created his logo for Twitch.

Once the 2nd store deck is complete, I will be able to print it out and do another playtest, this time with PvP. Then give the prototype(s) to my friend, Allegedman (that is his twitch username). I stay off of Twitch personally, just like social media sites because I like freedom. I love freedom. I want to provide a place of freedom. I am a Philosopher-Mystic of over twenty years now. Freedom is vital to not just me, but the human race. Our ideas of “freedom” different depending on the wind and each political group that is vying for (more) power. Thus the ‘theme’ of todays comic. The broadest strokes available to make any sort of governing much more efficient. We, humanity, are heading into a new age, and not only the Virtues must be recovered and placed upon and around the tabernacles of our temple, our own portal as it were to the Kingdom of Heaven. How one can achieve such a thing without Virtues is tough. I am a prime example of what NOT to do, but eventually, with Faith, [all] things turn around. What is that Faith? I will not answer that for you, and my own Faith can be seen in my works and my writings. Some are not very good, but the majority are the best I could do at the time with what options (I thought) were available.

Not all or perhaps any philosophers have a 100% Wisdom “score”, it is impossible and unnecessary, overall, yes, but all the time, just as impossible and disingenuous as the promises of the politician and the holy man alike. Fraud is always present, as it is the tell tale sign of Corruption\Chaos i.e. moving away from the central vision.

By the way, Google bots apparently have a hard time with this site at the moment, I take it as a badge of Honor, but it is just Duty to the King. I have nothing to sell yet. Just a space to vent. My writing experiments and my reality are coming together as I was told when I began this journey. As it has been said, the work is great, but the laborers are few.

That is why Capitol exists, the investment of time isn’t just the work, it’s also compensation for the combined work that supports the overall structure. To turn energy into a medium in which it can shifted around to the various networks that need it most, to support a Thing\Product\Idea, usually an idea, but what that idea is, it not known or shared by all. Just the beginning is all that matters.

Back to Retail!? Perhaps today in the afternoon I can do my first 2 store print and schedule a play through and dinner. I would like to record the session as well, IF possible. This also opens the door to some other… things. Things and stuff. You will find out eventually. You’ve been reading all these years, you know what to expect and when. Got to run, good luck and success in all of your projects, and as sometimes,

Remain in Light.