The problem with using one’s fun computer with one’s work computer, is when you hook up a hard drive to retrieve information off of it, the BIOS goes all flibity gibity, and it searches for the earlier version of windows to boot. I had windows 10 installed, but where it is, nobody knows.

I did have plans today, on Labor day of finally disassembling all of my old computers and hard drives, but living with a depressed alcoholic, makes that difficult. This person refuses to seek any help, so the condition worsens, and will not have the necessary conversations for personal\spiritual growth, so everyone around this person is now supposed to bear the burden, lest the drama and negativity increases beyond what is now. The goal is not to create more negative emotions, but try to transform them into positive ones, but alas, one can only control ones own self.

I am working on improving, I got a comic up, it only took me month. I think what I am going to do, is get away from colored back grounds and try to make the process quicker and easier, rather than trying to make them look too good that it stops my progress. I still want to daily strip, but color is not going to make that happen. I was reading Starslip and I saw what he was doing, and yes, that makes more sense. Stay in black in white in white for years until I *get* it, and can move on. I do not have a group of cartoonists to talk to, so all of this is alone. I mean, I have Jesus the Christ with me, He cannot abandon me, so I am never truly alone. I also have nephews to play minecraft with and to remind me of what was taken from me. A constant reminder that I am always wrong, even when I am correct. I did not know vanity and logic went together hand and hand; it appears being wrong but accepted is better than being correct and not accepted. How did humanity continue on this way… oh wait, clandestine “guidance”.

I don’t like using this space for non positive thoughts, but sometimes I need to vent, believe me, I wish I had more positive news. I should be happier I got a comic up, but realistically, of those I share it with, only 1 is happy that I am doing this. The problem is I am seeking validation from those that do not wish to validate anything that doesn’t conform to their worldview and that wish me to remain a failure (in their eyes) forever so they can always say “At least i’m not as bad as..”. It’s a good tactic in staying alive, life used to be about cooperation, but now, thanks to the hidden influences, we are back to the days of the hunters and gatherers. The strongest will survive, and any and all weaknesses will be exploited so that the one will triumph over the other\many. Do I believe in that way? Does it matter what I believe in? I am wrong even when I am right, and when I am wrong, that is a great day for mine enemies and friends\family.

I just paid for medical marijuana, well I paid the State Government for the right to purchase marijuana, it doesn’t matter that it was made, as well as the war on drugs was never moral, ethical, or Constitutional. In America, the US Constitution has never really mattered, it is all about he who has the gold makes the rule. Since the people are not allowed to own or invest in gold en masse, they, like the rest of the modern world are expected to increase debts, bail out countries and enemies with large financial packages that devalue the currency, then when those that rule deem it favorable, write laws to stop nationalism or to stop the citizens from asking for a fair deal. There is no earnest attempt by the US Government or the US military to stop the violence, especially since it does not support “white” people, the rioters and organizers are working for the Justice Department and the Military, they get paid to keep the people in fear and terror above all else, and there exists not a single agency or government\authority that can protect the people from what is left of their government.

Protestors that are not sanctioned by the invisible hand are removed\killed without anyone knowing, and those that generate income\debt\fear are placed back on the streets and free to commit crimes. If you notice the law makers and justices are portly and have access to the best medicine, while the rest of us poor red bloods are being drained to keep them alive. Same as its always been. I don’t like being negative all the time, or even most of the time. All I can say is that all of ‘this’ is in God’s hands, for if I were to try to help my own country, the US government and US military\media would deem me a threat, even though the only threat I would ever be is to the marxists and other illegitimate rulers who are kept in their station by the ones even above them. At one point I thought that the resignations were enough, but now it appears blood is needed.

The red-blooded people have shed enough blood, but the blue\purple\black\other bloods still have yet to shed any blood, or tears, or sweat to keep their system going.

Nothing about America is American, nor does the US military defend America from its enemies. The US military and the US Intelligence Community exists for one reason: to make sure Americans never retake their own land. The time is coming when the entire US military will replace their flags with their true leaders, already the rainbow flag is held in greater awe and respect than the US Flag. The Rainbow flag stands for child\drug abuse and increasing cancer\suicide rates, while taking 0 responsibility, so in reality, every single US Soldier and Intelligence Agent needs to replace their American flags with rainbow flags because that is what they are protecting.

Is Epstein\Maxwell guilty? Who knows, all the people know is that the AG and the President are quick to assign guilt based on edited movie clips, quick to placate rainbow and desert cults, quick to blame white people and police for the bad policies that were written by Big Pharma et al, because even the current US president nor the AG has any interest in stopping civil wars. They need a civil war because their blood is blue, and only during a civil war can they finally start killing any citizen that brings up the idea of “America” or a “Social Contract” to them. It’s all a game, those at the top become fatter and have access to the best medicine, while us at the bottom at the pigs and lab rats whose slaughter is necessary for “their” survival.

If it were up to me, I would talk to you about Everlasting Love, but that kind of Love is not allowed. Right now, Chaos is being praised and liberty, freedom, truth, and Justice are all ignored for the “cameras” and to promote degenerate activity for those who cannot take any responsibility for their actions. ‘They” are trying to make the people of “God” angry so they finally react and then the boots will be forced to react and stop the people from retaking their land.

Neither Biden(Clinton)\Harris or Trump\Pence are anything close to American citizens, nor do they have any control without their handlers telling them what to do and how to do it.

I owe you a better blog post.