Finally got my main computer up and running after an upgrade took it out a few months ago. Now I need to find my CSP serial key and put that on it, I don’t do much art on that computer, but I do have an old wacom tablet I can draw on. I wonder how Windows 10 will handle it.

I haven’t forgotten about my card game, I am trying to get a prototype done by the end of this month. The script has stalled a bit. I am thinking I might instead write some animated series for the web in a much shorter format, and then use my knowledge to get to the movie point. First the card game.

Actually, first real work and cleaning the office. I haven’t been here for a while, so it needs some attention. Also need to put these comic books in a better storage bin, to minimize the silverfish that might be breeding. Should also put poison\essential oils down as well to keep the numbers low or 0, which is the ideal. I still trap and remove the silverfish as I see them, the lizards and other animals are grateful they get to eat fattened up insects. I assume they are.

I also see a lot of the ‘political’ operations are underway. This means I need to continue on with my Great Project involving the Restoration so we, as humanity can deal with the Oldest foe. Not once in for all, but on a powerful and cathartic final level. Until then, it’s more white genocide and attacks on protoCatholicism as I call it, as that political religion is almost ready to realize its destiny.

I’ve been doing some other work, trying to get more Synthetic Wisdoms out for you, dear Reader. These blogs are supposed to be sparse, as I have different posting areas for different effects\affects. This is an interesting one, but this is also the hub of so much to come. I would like to turn this into a business and do so much more, like create a media and discussion outlet. I have no ties to any organization or church. I declare fealty to the King of Kings, whom I give the title to the one that is above Jesus the Christ. There is a lot involved in that statement, and soon it will come to light.

I am not a Christian in the Hollywood sense, and I hope to abandon, or leave the left hand path, I am ready, to do what needs to be done. This is all part of it. Research that has been going for over twenty years, and very little is written down, as well it should be, lest those who follow my exact footsteps be overtaken by the madness I was forced to court for Understanding, what only had power in that present moment. You can’t go back home, so a new home needs to be created. A tomorrow is planned so today becomes something that liberates instead of this current course of uncertainty and Chaos.

Would love to chat more, but I have to do a few things before this storm hits. May you remain in Light and may success follow you. Thank you for your time and patience with me. I do love you.