Friday I am meeting with my friend and we are going to playtest the prealpha deck , so we can fine tune the rules.

The rules once fine tuned will be sent to Duroc to turn it into a rulebook.

Once the rules are done, we begin the lore and pre-art phase. I will look for local artists and try to come up a way to pay them for their work. My ideal is to use ecommerce as a way to fund our projects. Our own kickstart\patreon type of thing. I will be transparent about all costs, and you, the reader will “donate” precisely to which part of a process you want to fund.

If parts of a project are fully funded, I will inquire as to why the others are not funded, and try to minimize cost as much as possible so I can make the process more effecient.

I am overcoming a funk with my art, and I will try to get a comic up asap.

I also have some manuscripts to read and I assume edit. I want to try to help them get published, so we will see about that.

Very shortly, I will have a new addition to the site, that will not be open to the public.

I do have plans for more additions to the site, including an entertainment area. Fun fun fun. I have work to do in the meantime, lots of work. I do not feel right monetizing anything yet. That is going to change very shortly.

For now, I wish you good luck and success in all of your projects!