Good news! I am going to be the DM of a DnD Campaign that will be streamed on Twitch at a future date. It’s a custom campaign, and all of my material is the successful (alpha) test for my card game.

I have a few Card games to make, some personal, some internal (or Schwofield only exclusive)use only, and others for sale! Usually the best ones will be for sale.

The working title of the game is Operation Sandoval. I’ve had this game idea for a nearly a decade. I know the real name, and I will release it once I have the rules polished up by Duroc and BlakeSteel who is our resident Min-Maxer to the extreme of perfection. A skill I value, but not care to proceed with, I like having fun and playing with friends.

I am looking at a funding request by selling special cards that can be used during the game, but they are cards that are special and signed, they can be used in play as well. There might not be much of an advantage, but investing should have a reward beyond the product.

All of that realm will be dealt with when the time comes. As for now the prototype is being developed after I am done with the DnD Campaign stuff. We are looking at gathering once a month on that. I’ll have more details when we make them. My story is complete, all that is left is character and item\trap generation reference tables and entity\ability decks. The real fun is data collection.

One thing I am going to do is have an excel spreadsheet open to record every pertinent dice roll. A voice recording is necessary as well, video is the best. The more data the better. I don’t like DnD outside of VR for the same reason I don’t like online Church when I can attend in person. It’s a good experience with hopefully good friends, and it gets you out in the world and thinking about food and drink with others. A party, yes, but it’s a mental traveling party. It can be done over the phone without visual aides, but to me it’s all about a journey of self discovery. The adventure is guaranteed. Depending on the story, the result can wonderful, all without invoking modern politics or signalling false virtues. One of my greatest inspirations for story telling is Richard Garriott. He created what I consider to be the greatest video game in all of humanity. The same beast that brought him up also sold him out and destroyed him, but he never gives up making games his way.

Two new projects to look forward to. I am almost done with the next Synthetic Wisdom. Tonight or tomorrow. Hopefully more to come much faster after that. I have goals, need more goals when it comes to this comic, but for now, I wish you good luck and success in all of your projects. Remain in Light.