2 comics up for 2020. Not a bad start, but you viewer, want more. More of Synthetic Wisdom, and you also probably want me to get better. I don’t blame you, but I can only move so fast, and of course, if I posted more, then there would be drastic improvements, and perhaps story lines. There might be a subtle one, involving Spinach and Mary and her mother, and I still want to tell that story, even if I don’t know what it is…. yet.

I cannot believe that 10 years of my life were stolen by depression and mysticism. I have to include the depression, because while I was feeling sorry for myself; and wanting the world to feel as bad as I did, there was still some internal dialogue going on towards a specific goal.

Only a specific group of people can see what is going on in my reddit, subverse. I have many more essays to write, I should go back to school and take some ethics classes, they sound fun. I really should have gone into politics instead of going after Christos, it would have been much more profitable in your eyes. Really any field by now would have been mastered had I not felt sorry for myself for so long. It’s a sad thing, depression, but you don’t want to hear about that. You want to hear about the future.

Tyrants are going to fall, but only after effort. Is that too on the nose, or not enough like my other posts. Sometimes I become too self aware and want to expose my soul\humanity, and not write long essays. Here I am free to do whatever I want until I become popular and must capitulate to the viewers. I look forward to that day, there is a lot I want to do. I haven’t sold my script yet, but I am doing something that will help me, not much longer now, maybe this weekend, I hope. Storyboarding is rough, and alone it should be easy, but that’s the point of being alone, the power and the responsibility are mine and mine alone.

I have a card game I still want to develop, perhaps multiple ones. I don’t believe I have enough “clout” to warrant a kickstarter or any other crowd funding. I would like to track my investors and give them at least a 20 percent return depending on how much money the movie makes. I don’t want to make any “backend” percentage points, once the story is done and made, I would rather just focus on the next project.

This year, when my confidence is regained a bit more, I should like to turn this site into something bigger and better. I have an idea of what, and in time I will be able to write more. As for now, you get to read this and think, what is he going to write next?

Or you could be thinking, when is Ahavat Olam going to rant and rave against the world Jewery and the land the size of New Jersey: Israel. All in due time, or if you know my minds account, I am a bit more prolific there. I do have my own peace plan for the middle east, but many will not like it, as all I care about is the future of mankind, and not placating fragile egos that need men in funny hats to dole out eschatological “divine” mandates. There is a much larger story that wants to be told (The most central core of Buddhism is that life is a story).

As for my watchers, thank you for your support. I know I am not living up to my full potential, but there is but a short while. I keep forgetting how powerful Christos really is, even if the power isn’t mine. I’ve got the power to do work irl, these strips, and help transform Chaos into Order aka helping people. No one is powerless, but I know that we are up against some pretty powerful foes. It must be strange to you, seeing these words being written for the sole purpose of communication on a higher level, but then out of the blue, my humanity takes over and lowers the conversation back to “reality”.

Money isn’t the issue, it is Courage. With Courage money can be obtained, but not for collection, but for Justice and only Justice. Especially now, we, aka humanity and the bots, are facing our greatest challenge yet, and the GodQueen has yet to fully appear in her final form during this age. Do you want me to talk about “Her”, not here. On minds, I will write a bit more.. later, and on Reddit, I have some essays that need be written. Not bad for a navel gazer, or I could be insane, the jury will be out deliberating that one long after I am gone.

Until then, I wish you good luck and success in all of your endeavors.

Remain in Light.