I am in the process of creating a template so I can storyboard my script, get some pre work done to make producing the rest of it easier.

I have a new comic that is done with the initial inking, but what’s left is polishing it off, adding dialogue, then the backgrounds. I’ll try to get one up for the end of the year.

Also need to work on the template and add the year 2020 to Schwofield.com. Also, next year I hope to make more comics, finish this movie, work on OTHER projects, and possibly make some transitions with my professional life. I love my job, but I am burnt out, and like many Americans I have no viable future nor control over my destiny. Things MUST change, not just for me, but for all of us.

There is a lot of rumblings happening, but these are necessary. I am trying to wake up faster and help out, but there are things happening behind the behind the scenes. I wish you success with all of your endeavors.