Good news, I finished everything I needed for my script. Next up is to print the changes and get them into my other writers hands and give it a once over, since it is a major detail added. He is good at helping me see what I’m missing in some places.

Once this is done, and hopefully by this weekend, Saturday, I can check in with the Producer and see about the funding and production of it. I have a rough budget, which will need to be addressed and see what can be sacrificed and what cannot.

So a new..ish strip, and an update on the script. I’ve had the strip ready to go for two months and I decided to finish it up and send it out, and get ready for the next strip.

I keep trying to open SynFig Studio and try to start some animation, but that hasn’t happened yet. Got a few other irons in the fire to deal with. Lots of ’em.

Thank you for reading this, have a great day, and good luck and success in all of your endeavors.

Remain in Light.