New Comic is done, its my biggest one yet, I need to see about increasing my upload size. I learned oh so much re: clip studio; and digital art in general. I made my own Colo(u)r set starting with this one. Oh, how I wish I could show you, the readers, how proud of this attempt at a comic is. I see a lot of improvement, especially starting at the beginning of this year.

I could do one “these” comics a week. Daily, a dream, but reality is, they are tough, but getting faster.

Made some fantastic headway with the card game. Hopefully tomorrow I will have fine “tuned” the first deck, then copy-pasta’d the other deck(s). Aiming for 5 in the first release. Realistically after the first deck, the rest becomes easier as I have a much better flowthrough of ideas and practices.

Rules\Guides\Videos\Promos\More, to incorporate the business and begin what I wanted to do for a long time. Synthetic Wisdom is amazing, and I thank God (Hashem) for the opportunity to draw and continue bringing out ‘our’ conversations to the world. I haven’t forgotten about the ‘Essays’, or these posts, I just never liked writing posts unless I had the comics to back it up.

I like this Comic a lot, I see where I need improvement, and will try hard(er) on the next one. Thank you all for your patience and lovingkindness, I wish you good luck and success on all of your projects!