It’s a piece I did for my streamer friend. These are fun little exercises that allowed me to take apart some of my past creations and have a little fun. I guess I could add the other decal, a picture of Beamus’s head and waving his hand.

I know there are a few ‘mistakes’ but they are now part of the style. I’m not going back to this design, and I may do another.

Once I hit the goal of doing a strip a day, I am going to look into animation. Thanks to the internet I can do quick little lessons and slowly improve. Work also demands new skills, and I must magic up desire to do those, while also dealing with things and stuff. At this point I couldn’t stop my existential research if I tried. Seventeen plus years this has been going on.

I wish the body of Christ could fund me, but Mary has been replaced by the GodQueen, and without her finding an Christos and returning back to the Church, it will forever be enslaved by Chaos. Gotta take it all one day at a time, since the Self is in all things, enjoying each moment of this Distance of the Selfs willful choice to experience, while also serving Order or Chaos to enhance the experience.