Been silent for a while, had an episode with the comic after this one, it’s almost done, but I mentally\emotionally unable to return. It’s allright, because I am trying to focus my creativity on my script. What’s the status? I found a good writing partner who also also take over the role of a main character.

Together we’ve gone through the script; now I’m putting in the edit, and am glad I went down this route. Some crucial changes were made, not major story changing ones, but ones that add more depth. The voice is still the same, but the tone is changing. I like this portion of writing because the hardest portion is done, it could also be called the easiest, as once you write a story, editing is what makes it into something of real value. Some might make a good first draft, but its not necessary. Speed doesn’t count.

Speaking of which, my goal is to try to make this in 6 months. This involves moving people once funding is acquired, and story boarding as soon as this edit is over. I can hear the music, I can see the process, I can also hear the words and see the movement. Set the tone, carry at least one theme uniform throughout the tale. Have fun.

I’d like to get it in the hands of the producer before Thanksgiving, so its up to me and only me to see it get to the point of production. In theory making a movie is a simple concept, especially if I don’t want this to be in theaters. Hollywood doesn’t make movies, it makes money. The movies are just the vehicle for moving it around and investing in it to trap more ‘outside’ wealth, i.e. our wealth either stagnates or its used against us.

Overall, I hope to be able to return to the Church as soon as I can. I’m not running away, as I would still like to get married, but I feel like I have talents I’m not utilizing because I ‘love’ my own suffering too much. Comfort is an ideal, anything more and it becomes shackles all too easily. Self discipline is lacking, but without critical (self)thinking, self discipline is useless. We are all struggling, from what I see, the work is there, but the proper workers are all scattered around far away from each other. The frustrated people take it out on themselves and others, and the ‘ones who separate’ profit. Tikkun Olam has real meaning now. Those who Repair VS. Those who Separate. The age old conflict.

This is why Honor is so important. Serving in the military is not the only way to be Honorable (all honor is equal), nor does serving in a military automatically make you Honorable. Duty (and True Singular Loyalty) is the only way to attain any Honor. The Ruling Class is rarely if ever, honorable among themselves, but the working class has it as a requirement for any solvent government\republic. If the Ruling Class is seen as completely without honor, not only do civil divides occur, but the ability to rule lessens greatly, and ‘their’ replacement becomes necessary. We are all human, afterall.

Thank you your time, and I wish you good luck and success on all of your endeavors.