Not sure why that last comic is like that.  I will post a new comic and see if there is a problem with the comic…being too large?  Or if there is a problem with the widget, I believe it needs to be updated.  I’ll see if I can update it.

I joined, and hopefully I can find more impetus to draw better and better each time.  Things I need to do is wake up earlier, I would love to wake up at 5 am and do some drawin’s practice.   Eventually I’d like to form a discord group with local people to get together at that time, so we can all wake up and learn something.  I don’t care if its their first time with a guitar or keyboard, as long as its an hour of day, and we all do it together.  The age of individual is drawing to a close, and there is no better way to end it then with friends.

To be honest I am kinda wiped from writing politics, I have other sites for that.  It’s fun to write about things and stuff that I like.  I wouldn’t begrudge anyone to write about what they love… as long as they use reason to back it up.  I know I am playing a little fast and loose with logic, but its to cover from my own shortcomings with my art.  10+ years and this is as good as I can do it.  I’m way better than I used to be (see my deviant art stuff), but I don’t feel like an artist.  Not enough confidence in the pencil, not yet.  I won’t give up, no I won’t back down.  So many strips have been drawn, and many more I wish to draw.  Let’s hope I get better.

I haven’t “sold” my script yet.  Part of me says I should do a kickstarter and try to crowd-fund it.   As long as the wrong people do not fund it, it shouldn’t matter, right?

Thank you for reading this, and I wish you the best of luck if ALL of your endeavors.