I know that’s not a word, but here’s an update.

My script is done, I am in the process of editing it.  After this initial edit, I will go over it one more time.   After that I can hand it to the producer(s).  Before I hand it over to them I want to make sure that it has the correct message.  I am very cautious of saying too much, again my background is essays.

I still draw, but in my sketch book.  I do want to start producing my comics again, I’ll try to get one in by the end of the month.

My card game is on hold until my script goes in, then I can reach out to a select team of writers to make that happen alongside the script.

All while transitioning into a new product at work, and rolling out many new projects.  I have to plan things out before I roll them out, planning is the path to perfection.

I’m starting to get into video editing for work, which leads me into the realm of making music for the videos.  The ultimate goal is animation, but that will be towards the second half of the year.  I’ll try to update these more often.  I haven’t given up, and am striving to make creativity a greater portion of my life.

I did just pick up UO the Secondage Shard, and I just got my house. I’d like to get a minecraft server up.  That should cover everything a human could be capable of doing.  Except working out.

My diet isn’t bad, I’ve cut wheat an sugar out of my life, mostly sugar. I am replacing it with more vegetables and meat, which provides the energy for said working out.  This post will be devoid of existentialism as I have been pushing that too hard on another site.  I have a doctors visit for a checkup and to look at an injury from last year.  I want to get back to my punching bag and to start pushing myself harder, but while in recovery there isn’t much I can do but take it easy and rest.

I wish you all the best of luck and success on all of your projects.  Next update should have a comic attached.  I’m out.