I wish to provide more freedom to the world.  Perhaps in time.

There is a LOT going on behind the scenes.

My script is nearly complete, I see some errors, I had a few emotional setbacks.  I’m trying to keep my dream team of hard workers.  I’m trying to keep a dream alive.  There is a lot going on.  So very much.  Humans are more than just their physical form.  Oh how I long to unlock a potential I’ve kept down.

I want to thank France for all the hard work they are putting in.  They are getting the most “coverage” but there other countries that are rising up against their oppressors.  There is a choice they are about to make, one that transcends the political world, I believe in them.  I believe in humanity.  It doesn’t have to end in genocide.

I found something in the darkness, perhaps its just insanity, my work won’t let me call it that.  What is ego, and what is vanity, what is my guide?  Christiandom cannot understand yet.  It’s nothing bad, to be sure, its only to do what is right.  I suffered greatly to stay on this path, I cannot give up. you worked too hard.  It’s late, very late.  I must head in.

I pray you success in all that you do, and know that the Light is with you as long as you adhere to the Truth and Love above all else.

We have a major battle ahead of us.  I shall endeavor to work harder and join you on the battlefield on your level.

For now, we both must wait until the Queen gives the signal.  She will not actually give it, but something she does will alert both our camps.

May we both be successful.  Thank you for all you’ve done.

I love you.  🙂

-Ahavat Olam