Good news!  I just finished version 2.0 of my script.  3.0 begins now, its the final editing\polishing before it gets handed to my producer(s).  I wish I could could fund this, but you don’t know me well enough to do so.  That and there are not a lot of you.  That and this production would not be cheap, but the results… are magical.    It’s not just a movie.  It’s the start of something more.  Much more.

Version 3.0 is will only have 3 copies total, and they are printed.  Once this editing process is complete, the producers get 4.0 and I start including a few more writers in the mix.  I have my eye on some local writers.

I would like to have the ENTIRE movie by Valentines Day of 2020, it’s a lofty goal.  Christmas of this year would be nice, but all that depends on how soon I can move.

Politically things are heating up all around the world, as to be expected.  The New and the Old are clashing.  Neoliberalism as well as other ‘isms are being revealed for what they were\are temporary solutions to deep seated issues.  Problems and wars spanning thousands of years are now beginning to be looked at and addressed.