One of the hardest things for any ego or idea of creation to conceive is its own existence.  It spends most of its life time enthralled by the senses it loses sight of the big picture.  How does this help the common man?  It is just one of the many paths to a certain kind of freedom.  The ultimate freedom, of course.  Its the only outcome for such thinking.

Continuing on that path is another thing entirely, and in each individual it manifests in the reality around and through the practitioner.  Perhaps you use it to reach success and profit, that would be great if we all did that, instead of using that time for profit and success at the expense of others reality.  Either torture or starving to death.  Both are ripe full of metaphors.

What isn’t, what shouldn’t be, what has to be; and  what won’t always be?  Do these all share the same answer(s)?  How many of those are based on the senses?  Why do I ask so many questions all at once?

To simply ask what is reality is incorrect, to ask what comprises my reality is correct.  Even husks and machines are able to ask that question because their birth is not the same, there could be similarities, but differences would arise also.

Humans though, thrive on keeping its tribes isolated and strong, inclusive yet warm unless threatened.  Once offended the tribe should not be quick to open communication unless the offender has redeem itself.  Justice.  The scales of balance.  If grudges persist, then Justice was not carried out.  For the entire existential construct should do its job and end a matter once and for all, so that new matters could be attended to.

Truth and Courage combine to create Justice, as it can only be weighed with real evidence and reliable sources.  Of a truth, there does not seem to many reliable sources in this day in age.  It can be restored quite easily, in the manner of self understanding or Know Thyself, self awareness also known as To Thine Own Self be True, family or blood, which is to Establish good and strong roots to bear quality fruit, each transaction with your neighbor who hopefully has also reached this level last, rather than missing some kind of liberation from “foreign” and/or “domestic” influence[s] with the Self of all Selves.

That knowing unknowable, that barrier right after awareness of existence. This was the Deity creation and destruction power each human was granted as part or the whole of the gift of life.  It’s a shame to give it away.  There are many layers of wrappings, that once done, cannot be repaired.  That “innocence” is gone.

To take away anothers gift, even for a little while, what cures the foundation of Justice.  Do the right thing.

In America, its own Department of Justice is presenting a show before the world.  A spectacular and frightening show.  The corruption is just part of the deception.  What lies behind it all?  Most importantly, who lies behind it all?

Americans are realizing their own government has set up a great deal of its own disaster, with stolen consent from the people.  Stolen being, choices manipulated to cause many desired outcomes of decay and chaos.  What was the sacrifice for?

I can only really see in metaphors.  Right now, there is so much Chaos, and so little Order, nor love to repair this Great Imbalance.   Some of my posits are slightly subdued and greatly exaggerated by the English language.  It’s an interesting language.  It’s a great way to contain ones own chaos.

It is not perfect, but it is efficient and it gets the job done for my liking. This is all existential research.  Over twelve years in the making. These essays, this comic.  Other projects.  Work.  Family.  Other.  Self introspection and self delusions.

Pobodys Nerfect, right?

Remain in Light.