I’m forcing a lot of creativity to go into bringing a script back from the “dead”.  My target goal is to have it finished by Halloween, and while the writers are working on it, I will be selling it.  I’d like to also do some video projects,  not to be an e-celebrity but to have more discussions and give some NPAs some air time and views that the 2 major parties usually usurp.  I want America to stop voting for the two party system, and start voting for people again.

Also, something with digital currencies too.  Politics and finance for the internet, and faith bases initiatives for the “troops”.  There is SOOO much work to be done, and I am alone as of now.  This is how it has to be…for now.  I still wish you good luck and success on all of your projects.

Hopefully I get to dabble with power shell more and start to learn its secrets.  I want to do it all, but fun mental malaise and time constituents are the greatest problems.  The second being no time to cut loose.  I have to make up for my “lost” years, as many millennials are trying to cope with.

Gotta run, I don’t want to be out all night.  Just for a few hours.