Not bad, looks like there is some improvement going on.  I do realize there is insanity happening in the world right now.  I’m a little late, about a decade or so late from fulfilling my end of the “bargain”.  I’m ready to not give up, keep trying, and even though work is a little overwhelming, I know communication is the key to success.

I am learning another language, when that course is done, I will use that time I spent learning that language trying to improve my art, and perhaps writing.  I don’t really know HOW to improve other than just draw, and do some art lessons, then relax.

Synthetic Wisdom is my proof that A) I can do it, and B)My way of thanking “God” for all that I have been given.

In my real life, I am completely burnt out, and in desperate need of a vacation.   Part of me wants to go camping for a week, but I would probably accept a few days, then use the rest of the week to work on a script for a show.  I have an idea on how this project can come together, but the ideal would be to transition to something a bit more suited to my personality.  IT is fun and all, but I have a feeling I should be doing something more with my life.

The burden of wisdom and the love of it..