I wouldn’t be a human being if I didn’t stumble from time to time.

As a philosopher-mystic (a title that one can only give oneself after about a decade of existentialism) I tended to err on the safe side, or the “spiritual” side of life.  As a quick run down, to me spirituality is based on the physical, the intellectual, and the emotional aspects of life.  Those three when combined (when aren’t they?) make up the realm of the spirit.  As to what happens when we are asleep or dead, I am not at liberty to say.  That is up to the individual to decide.  It always has been.

Tyranny is about stripping away anothers free will for the sole purpose of “worship” or focusing ones intentions and attention upon that which is not the individual.  Hollywood is especially guilty of this crime as it has taken decades of focus and turned it into one long commercial for products that humanity never needed, nor asked for.  Yet, like all wars, it was fastened to their spirits as yet another burden.  Why do people, including myself, take on more burdens than we can handle, or that we need.

Some burdens are necessary, like caring for another human being.  Love can become a burden, but that is always shared, and it can be transformed into the greatest form of expression humanity has.  There is nothing greater than sharing a moment of bliss and openness with another human being.  Sex is a part of it, but the idea of sex has been commercialized and ruined to the point that humanity has abandoned Love and is now searching endlessly for a way to fill that void the exists within us all.  It has always existed.

Those who suffer from depression are more aware of this whole.  Where did it come from?  Its the result of realizing we cannot go back to the past, the days before cavemen, when protohumans roamed the earth moving from one moment to another, bound by the sun and sometimes the moon to live.  When a tribe formed, protecting followed next.  Protection led to invention.  The first invention was strategy, and the next actual tools and just found sharp rocks.  Is this actually the way it happened?  Who can say.  It doesn’t matter because the focus is on the void within us, and how it came to be.

When one does psychadelic drugs, the ego experiences a profound sense of “oneness” at the expense of ones sanity, or handle on reality.  All things become possible, minds are open, and a new awareness is gained.  It is through awareness that one found the self was alone, unless a moment was shared with another.  Love appeared when sharing moments was no longer equal.  For some reason, sharing a moment with a beloved is much better than sharing it with a friend.  If a family experiences an event, its much much greater and more profound than a group of good friends experiencing a good concert, or the heartache of combat.  Very few humans choose combat over family, this is brought up in the old texts, as man needed something greater than himself to fight and die for.  This isn’t a man-centric diatribe, as it is a brief look at what masculinity actually is, and not what Hollywood sells us as their image.

Such as God made man in His image, Hollywood tells us that its creates traits in its own terrible image.   Hollywood cannot exist without makeup, a camera, and a stage.  Nothing is real, and escapism is the norm.  Again there is a sacrifice of sanity, but in this instance, there is no profound sense of oneness.  There is only deception.

It takes a while for one to accept who and what one really is.

Finding another to accept you for who and what you are, is tough, but mankind is vast, and once that person is found, you never let each other go.  Afterall, life is too short to spend in misery alone.

This does not guarantee perfection, but when the dark times come, if one becomes the others light of day, humanity will be uplifted.

I have a lot of work to do tomorrow, and hopefully more strips to create.  I do not want to bring more chaos and confusion in the world, so I wish to talk about things coming together.

Existentialism is all about thought experiments, and its time for my previous experiments with Chaos to come to and end.

It is time.

Good luck with all of your endeavors, and may you find peace in yourself, and Love shortly thereafter.  I hope I find both of these things.  Where I live, love is not really meant for philosophers, but those dark ages are over.  Who really knows what the morrow will bring?  I pray for peace and not more endless war (chaos), like those who came before me.

Remain in Light!