My first artists goal should be to focus on Spinach and Clint.  Mary is tough to draw in any pose beyond the default 3/4s perspective.  I need to find other artists and immerse myself in the art world.  Let me keep on working, I am getting really close to a Monday-Friday schedule.  Waking up at 5 am, meditation for 30 minutes, then an hour to draw a comic.  I reallllly want to get better as I cannot afford to pay a team to make the cartoon show I want to make.  I have many ideas how to make a system work, but unless I have the confidence to back it up, not a single person will want to work with me.  Also being a little more “conservative” than center makes dealing with artists very difficult.

Without my comic strip artists will not take me seriously, and without the comic strip being draw/written better they really won’t give me the time of day or friendship.   I don’t seem earnest enough for their friendship.  Artists are hard to be friends with, even the starving artists do not want to befriend people like me.  We aren’t worth the time of day to get to know…yet.

Much like the attention/love of a woman, the friendship of an artist must be earned through hard work and dedication.  I’m not there yet.  I must have a consistent strip.  I will find a way.  Also in real life, I need to be better at my job, so there is soo much improvement that needs to be done, currently I am worthless to artists and women alike.  I have not earned their respect.  I do not really need it, I need my own, first and foremost.  Everything else will happen accordingly.

My updates have been sporadic, but I am trying hard to get better; the only way that will happen is if… I…draw…every…day.  Just like my “idol” or the man who turned me onto webcomics, Mike Krahulik.   He is also one of the biggest reasons I believe in God(Adonai).  In some of my darkest times, PA begins streaming him creating his comic and I learn so much.  I apologize I cannot reflect what I have learned….yet, but its helping me to stay the course and draw.  I like his style a lot, and would like to mimic it, but I’m too thick headed to change what I am doing now.  Fumbling and stumbling about like a drunkard until I find my zone.

No one will be able to help me, and I wish I had the support of other artists, but again, where I live, that is not possible.  I must do this all on my own.  Just as it has been foretold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <—- That was comedy, btw.  I like to write, but, that doesn’t matter unless I find a vehicle for it.  I do have a book I should be working on…