Going to cut this one short, as I finished about 10 minutes after my comic cut off time for 6:30.  I give myself 1 hour to make a strip.  If I cannot conceive and draw a strip in an hour, I shouldn’t even think about setting my morning intention to do such things.  I also need to stop apologizing for the bad skillz, in time it will get better.  Today was a day of frustration, I was fighting the Microsoft Surface Tablet for the proper orientation, and the Tablet was also not registering its official stylus correctly.  Seemed wayy to heavy handed today.

Also, woke up with a lot of stiffness in the left side of my neck\body.  Living in America means I cannot afford to go to the doctor, protected classes can go for free, and at the end of the year I get to pay for their treatment, but any healthcare for me?  Nah.   I make too much for medicare\medicaid, whichever one I am supposed to take if I was poor, but I cannot afford “free” healthcare, nor can I afford “affordable” healthcare where government subsidies try to force me to pay 20% of my household income for a piece of paper that says “INSURANCE!” on it, so at the end of the year I don’t have to pay for the protected classes free healthcare, but rather, I have paid more than my fair share of their health care.

It would be sweet to go to a doctor, but even the services would break the bank.  What a strange system America has.  I pay for a select group of poor people to receive health care for free, yet since I am working tax payer “non-minority” I am expected to pay for others to have free health care.

Now I’m even more behind.  Its time for exercise and stretching!!