I might have enough time to go on a quick walk.  Wanted to updated and say, I “needed” that week off.  Friday morning will be a disruption in my routine, but I I think I’m gettin’ back to the swing of things.  The key really is to wake up early and not waste any time.  Look for time wasting or any vices, and get rid of them.  Become efficient.

Gotta run, or rather walk.  I may not get many other cardio in, but I can stretch, and I have weights.  Sorry that todays comic isn’t as funny as the others, but with a title like Synthetic Wisdom you are bound to get some of these.  Part of humanity is feelings.  I’ll try to ignore those in the future and focus on what you REALLY came for.   Spinach and his maagical journey of failure and self discovery, waaaaaaa!

Its a parallel to my own downs and on a rare occasion my ups.    I hope to write more in the future, my new schedule doesn’t warrant time for blog posting, all it allows for is comix.  I can’t wait to see (if I do) tomorrows strip!!  Remember the target is 6 days a week.  Saturday is off.  Sunday might be delayed, but I will try not to.

Eventually Saturdays will have a strip, but I will have done it in advance, and I think I might color the characters on Saturday.  I make the rules on this site.