It seems a new breeze is blowing, its not strong, but if the sails can catch it right, and the seas stay calm ‘a course, a lot of new changes are ahead.  Currently learning Python, so I can develop some apps for work and for Schwofield.

The first one is easy as my job has a lot of repetitive features, this would help out greatly.  The second app is for another project, that although has been on the drawing table.  I also have a sketch thats about half finished on inking without text, so do not think I’ve forgotten anything.  I think of Synthetic Wisdom even when I’m not there for it.  Without digressing any further, the second app is for a card game i’ve had for many years now.  Now it seems feasible.  I’m not worried about finances at this stage, I lost my first prototype.  It wasn’t well designed and some of it got damaged.  I can’t believe its been with me all these years to be honest.

There is a quite a bit of design work done, and now I’m on the pre-Testing phase.  Rolling out a new prototype, (re)print the rules, and playtest as I add the “multiplayer” aspect to it.  This is designed for solo, or up to possibly 20 or so people, but that would take quite a long time.  I don’t recommend it at this stage.  I also came up with 2 more purely educational card games, that would require a bit of research, but its doable, and very customizable, so polyglots would also be rewarded.

I’m going to have to start looking for writers to help create worlds as, Duroc has a game we want to work on, it will take precedence, but I will also make my game as a way to beta test design ideas for his game.

The next step is art, which is also the final step, as that includes packaging and miniatures.  I am doing a lot more art, as I’m the principle artist for my prototype, but that will have to be outsourced as well unless I improve drastically.

Let’s hope this next week is a good one.