I was going to sacrifice more of my workout time to finish todays strip, but I know where I wasted time during this adjustment process. Tomorrow, well starting at sundown my day of rest begins.  Hopefully real life will not interfere.

Update, real life did interfere, and I’ve got work to do (almost 8 hours later).   So many creative projects are on the back burner because I have to focus on one at a time.  The comic will be hopefully be updated on Sunday at 7:30ish, I’m close to being able to do these in an hour and half.  As I said before, I know where I wasted time.  I need to embrace Order in my life.  First take my mornings back.  The meditation opens up the day, and the comic makes it mine.

The exercise, pwnz it as the kids say.

Oh well, expect more comics, the goal is one a day, and I think I can do it.  Don’t expect much action, as you can tell I like writing, and the comic is just a way I can formulate these same kinds of thoughts but in a “comic strip” format.  Maybe I should add more explosions, or some pies.  Have them do something other than walking… always walking… endlessly.

At least my comic doesn’t promote a sedentary and nonintrospective lifestyle.  What can I say, Wisdom Path 4 Lyfe!  Too bad it doesn’t allow my life for love to enter it, but again I need to focus.