I’m still working on getting more strips up.  I don’t have a buffer so you get what you get when you get it.  I still wish this wasn’t so, but on the road to doin’ better I need to take a little time off, a day or so to get my momentum going as well as putting up a system of constant updates.

As of now, not people come here, I’m not upset by it,  perhaps if I posted better in the past, if I did a lot of things differently I would end up in a different place.  Had I not fallen in love in my teens with an idea that was implanted me, I entertain the idea that I wouldn’t have made and kept up Schwofield as long as I have.  Many friends and acquaintances I would not have kept, see as how love doesn’t exist unless its manipulation, and as of now I return to my stomping grounds, back to this dying town, for what I can no longer say.  Spirituality isn’t like it used to be now that I am getting older and realize what position I am actually, how much potential and energy I’ve wasted because I, and many other citizens have been under existential assault that is aided by infinite wealth.  I have to face the facts, the enemy has won, there is no such thing as freedom.  If your blood isn’t blue, there is nothing to guarantee your blood safety.  The wealthy can have any anyone removed off the face of the earth, and there exists no one that can stop them.

Thats the power of mind control.  People will willingly give up liberties if it means silencing those they don’t like.  This post is supposed to be whiney, depression sucks a lot, its a cop out, and its a hurdle that can’t be easily crossed, and once you find yourself in this little corner of your own mind you are trapped.  It takes a lot of money, effort, and time to escape.  According to the APA there is no escape, just conditions that have be maintained with dollars until that wonderful day when my ego is longer that presence of I.  Thats all the low class have really, we weren’t supposed to ever become aware, just be mindless puppets that die and sacrifice each other so that the ruling class can be the freesest part of humanity.

So what Lilit is here, or Chaos is here,  I’ve lost the desire to care, just like  humanity has lost its desire to care of itself unless profit can be made.  There can be no love when Mammon is Americas GodKing, or its mother: Lilit roams the Earth, bathing in blood, lusting after the endless destruction that the ruling class depends on.  There is no way out for the working class, we are supposed to die, and our military will ensure that we will wiped out, the ruling class changes nonprotected classes into enemies of the state, then the military and leos are free to slaughter their own citizens.  They don’t work for the people, no Americas miltary isn’t used for defense or peace, its used for fear and propping up enemies so we can justify more death and destruction many years later.

It’s ok that members of the US government and the IC community commits treason, they are above the working class.  They are the law.  They have reasons for killing and sacrificing children, and anything they say is better than gold.  It’s debt that someone else will have to pay.

It just really sucks to be alone, and it sucks even worse to be a philosopher, life sucks for everyone and I am very lucky to be who and what I am, it doesn’t solve the more pressing issues, I just have to wait another 70 or so years before I am gone.  I have a lot of heartache to go through in the meantime, but at least I don’t have to look forward to happy memories.  Relationships and happiness is something only for the wealthy, ruling class.  Everything else is just a commercial to make the ruling class wealthier.  Who needs representation when you have Millionaires running the show?