Comic is delayed today. I know, I know, not a good start for the year. I had to clean my office and have nearly fully recovered from an incident. While cleaning my office, I found my TENS unit. Hallelujah! I still have some muscle injury that I am dealing with, and his might help. It’s on my neck area. I cannot afford a massage therapist, and due to political reasons, I have health insurance, but there are no doctors available in my area. The best part about living in America is having subsidized health insurance that Congress et al don’t have to pay for or help pay for (sarcasm, the Healthcare Act is Unconstitutional, regardless of the benefits), is not having a doctor to visit. I’m glad I found Orthodoxy for my mental health, as the mental health professionals have all gone off the deep-end, and now screen their patients for the most at risk.

It’s the way of things. Politics, Media, and Medicine makers have turned Western Medicine into a joke. The CDC and Social Media\Tech companies have made every medical professional lose their credibility as they silence, fire, and kill the medical professionals that are trying to help their patients, instead of using the mental health methodology of have the people broken and addicted to product. Anyone who doesn’t agree is reported either by themselves to the AI to the medical manufacturers and their political cronies. In America HIPAA is a joke and all of our medical data and history is given not only to foreign nations, but to political parties so they can pass legislation to punish the sick.

Faith healing and miracles are all we have left, and part of the faith healing involves respecting the Temple that is the Body. It houses the Holy Spirit for the willing and repentant, and for those who allow other “spirits” to enter, it will be only darkness, confusion, and chaos for them, it shows on their bodies. I used to believe that aliens existed, but now, after seeing the US military refuse to protect America for its own financial and political gain, it’s becoming clear that propaganda and deception are the hallmark of being inhabited by demons. The nations that reject True Christianity have nothing better to offer, in fact they cannot provide any Truth, or Love, or Courage. There are no virtues in them, there are only demons form far away that are allowed to nest inside of their “leaders” and false profits.

There’s a new age saying that all religions worship the same God, but this is not true, as their paths do not provide freedom, there is only subjugation and the other hallmarks of tyranny. Their souls are in great distress, and they cannot repent or show any signs of humility, they are afraid of their own humanity. They despise all things human and try to say we are simply a biological machine, ruled by random chance. They do not want to humble themselves to anything greater than themselves. They call themselves a God, but without any Virtue, without Compassion, without Humility, there exists only delusion and corruption. That is why so many offerings are needed, yet the spirit those oblations are being offered to, always exist in the shadow, and their words are as empty as the vessels that contain them.

Next post should be better. It is getting late. Time for evening prayers then going to sleep. Tomorrow is an early day of prayers and a comic before work. I am getting to the point I can start fasting on schedule. I am sorry if someone only experiences Christianity through the eyes of Hollywood that Great Deceiver, or Rome, that other Deceiver. So many good Christians have been deceived by Rome, even as they exist in their separate cells that exist as a response to it. I’ve been to a lot of churches, and while the people are good, the Holy Spirit cannot abide, because they reject that which deemed too hard to be truly liberated. Science and technology and intellect are praised, but as it stands now, in Modern Western Medicine, there is no intellect allowed, only blind worship to a God\demon that they believe they know, but there is only darkness in its heart. That is why propaganda is needed, to cover up for the lack of understanding(humanity).

Christ is in our midst, not just as a saying, but as part of the divine nature of reality, so that He can help us all to

Remain in Light.