Found some black mold in my office. That explains some of my recent health issues. I’m undergoing some healing and remediation. I will be able to make you a comic tomorrow. My apologies. I’m glad I found out now, before it was too late. So much to do.

Retail!? will hopefully be done on time next week. Once I get the Alpha Limited Printed and I can get a good price on them and of course feedback. I will start working on a kickstart campaign. I know I am running out of time, we are all running out of time. Faith will save us. I am getting my energy back, which means I will be able to work more.

In a few days time I should be able to start working out again. I wish you good luck and healing on your end as well. I also wish for certain political movements for profit to come to an end, and those responsible for it to realize what we all must realize, that we are all flawed human beings who made a mistake, and must seek forgiveness with others, before we can begin any actual atonement with the Lord.

Let’s carry on together, shall we?