Work and health concerns are going to restrict me.

Doctors copays are outrageously expensive, and any tests are priced out of the range of any citizen, yet non citizens get free healthcare. I pay for their healthcare with my health insurance, but I cannot afford to use mine.

I cannot afford the time off work.

I need an oil change, that is about 4 doctors visits right there. America is a land where celebrities and senators talk about the poor while destroying the world with their out of touch policies. They do not have to worry about being able to afford food or medicine. They are too important to jail or die.

The rest of us are meant to starve to death or be replaced by those who get free healthcare and free passes to commit crimes, while the citizens are called terrorists because they want to be seen as human beings.

Neither the media nor the government sees us as human beings. We are merely trinkets that exist so they can ring us as they please.

Everything our forefathers sacrificed and died for is meaningless, when an entire nation is canceled, all for wanting to be seen as human beings.

May the Shadows consume those who plunged this world into darkness, so the rest of us, may die, and our corpses, rot and fester,

yet they remain in the Light.