I don’t complain, but I do work 18+ hours a day, being on call for all them, I have no backup, and I have so many schedules that I try to adhere to, not for laziness, but for need of sleep.

Life is grand, and sad, its many MANY things.

I am striving to let you know I haven’t given up on Synthetic Wisdom, I won’t be able to start until I finish up last nights work and turn into paperwork. So many I statements… blech! BLECH I say! Oh no, again!

Part of me wishes for the indented Paragraph to return, reading longer blocs of text are MUCH easier with the indent, don’t believe me? Go check out your local library. Time to get to work, then draw, and hopefully master art/cartoonerying at some point as stories are told, and also I finally establish the House of Light, so that we all,

Remain in There.

Update: Good news, I can work on me comic, and im doing so now!

Update 2: did not finish, ended up sleeping instead. Perhaps today..

Update 3: THe comic is sketched, it needs to be written and inked\coloured. I’ll do that now..