I plan on giving you a comic today. I desire to, madly. Well, not that badly, but pretty darn close. Synthetic Wisdom is the fabric of one of the many patterns on the quilt of one’s, my mind. Patterns within patterns, much like storing information with 1s and 0s in a constant flux whose integrity MUST be maintained, especially as a collective thoughtform, like the internet of things.

I do have many plans in the work and it’s time for a more focused attempt. I have my 1st season stores names finalized and am now going to start picking some colors to fit the themes. I was making this a lot harder on myself for some reason.

I can come up with names and feelings of things, stories and worlds collide it seems always in my mind. The Kingdom of Heaven and the Sea of Sin(tm) is indeed within, for a plan is only as great as its planner(s), the one is enough for Love, but the many build the City of God(tm) and restore the (need for) Virtues. Patience, Honor, Duty, Sacrifice, Compassion, Honesty, Logic[CounterLogic], and so many more yet to come, waiting to be discovered. In the beginning Truth, Love, and Courage, were the backbones of the 10 commandments and the 4 Agreements. All founded upon the one universal truth, that I exist (enough to read up to this point then cause to debate its veracity, always after the effect\affect\defect.)

There is no escape, so I shall endeavor to bring you Synthetic Wisdom, as first for YOU the dear and humble Glorious and Everlasting Reader, whom my soul loves and adores and wishes only Hashems blessings. Order is a wonderful ideal, but perfection is the personal acception of Jesus the Christ, Salvation of the Soul and the discussion of deification are ones own prayers alone, but the collective foundation of Christ can only be built, after the people are eating the good crop. Virtues are the Fruit of Good Seed. The People and the Animals and Vegetables\Minerals are healthy, as long as we

Remain in Light.