Now that my art precedes my writing, I wish I was better at self future casting, but alas, at *least* the comic right?

I will say my 0800 HRS will be Soft, with a hard 0900. I will always aim for 0800, a few times that is when I begin the backgrounds. Those are fun, and sometimes the characters inform the backgrounds. It’s all very cosmic baby. Self is in all things kind of thing(s).

My day is becoming Orderly, with a few minor adjustments and you should see Retail!? very soon, as of, a playable demo of 4 people this weekend! Woo! It’s all about Systems for me. I don’t know what a Systems Analyst is, but I like to analyze systems for effeciency. Lack of communication and respect\professionalism plagues all mankind, I shall endeavor to move forward. I know why, and here, I wish to do something… different, if YOU, the humble Readers, my Dears and Wonderous Readers and Bots, or should I say Bots and Readers? I do say! Here here!

I will also try not to speak about the false or antivirtues, its time I return back to my research. Thank you all for helping me along the way, your support and endless love and acceptance of me is not really needed or warranted as I have to have that for myself first, I still accept yours. All the love you gave me, and all the comics read in silence.

So much silence. It was one of Love, to be sure.
Thank you, no matter what I still wish Christ to be within us all so we build the Kingdom of God;

We can only do that if we all
Remain in Light.