In this day and age, what is missing is purpose. In the West, the discussion of Purpose and Meaning are almost gone, and the East, ever really needed to have that discussion. Kali Yuga comes no matter the time, the day, the year, the people.

The people are always the antennae of the cosmos. Just like Hashem is expressed through energy, through humanity. Experienced AND Expressed. For some, there is a greater dedication, and for others, their Service requires the Highest calling, that of fatherhood and motherhood, and protecting the future generations.

Not with sex, drugs, and deception, but through, Truth, Understanding and Love. Censorship never leads to a good end, unless the Self censors their own Temple with Holy Smoke, to smudge out the Bad Spirits that take host from time to time. This would be a time of uncertainty if the only certainty was not fraud.

Nothing surprises me anymore, except when good people double down on stupidity and refuse to investigate claims of mistreatment. Blank Checks and Wet Slates that cannot have marks upon them, do no make up for what a good rule and ESTABLISHED teaching can accomplish. Your Faith will move Mountains.

Will you Move Mountains for Fear, or for Love.

Does concealment of a thing indicate Love or Fear?

If you have a candle you put it on a table so that all who enter will see the Light. I pray that sanity, law and and good Order returns to the Land and even better that you all find Christ inside. He is waiting for you. He has a Message JUST for you.

There are mental agents that try to hijack and control and larp as Jesus the Christ, but they will be brought down quickly. Agents of Chaos who are so, because of the treachery of others, can find Justice in their own hands. This life is over, but Everlasting life and Salvation are they who realize the Christ within, and the FULL grandeur of the gift of life. It is not Chaos.

It is fighting back. You can establish law and justice as long as we all

Remain in Light.