I’ll probably go into more detail about this later, but I felt compelled to title todays comic, something along those lines. I don’t consider myself an expert on Chaos and what it would contrive, but upon the the Virtues I would have to stake my life, as all of Order depends upon it. Saving society cannot be done without the Virtues, the principle being: Truth, Love, Courage, which comprises the Spirit of the Research into the Virtues of Man.

The Best and Greatest gift after life, and even greater than any super or supra natural power are the Virtues themselves. Each one codifies by the Holy Spirit, and through Jesus the Christ and the Ketuvim, the Virtues can begin. Ho ho ho, the East has tomes and texts, and scrolls, and will exhaust the Christian and the Atheist alike on ethics and ethics and ethics and ethics alone. Who has time for morality when a nation state MUST be upheld. Trials and Justice must commence, even if the populace demands the guillotine. In a video game, or hollyweird movie, the idea is contrive and unrealistic, according to THEIR standards, not Reality, not Gods, and Hashems FULL Breadth of life.

The Warp and The Woof, are thine, Adonai Echad, My God of Gods, and even though You (It) Reigns Eternal, Hashems Grace allowed us the Freedom to pursue the pleasures of the flesh and the extremeness of some kind of each reality, as time is the only no man, that eventually welcomes you back home, like the oldest friend, you’ve only met once, before you were born.

Of all the forms of Death, the masks of Mortality, Jesus the Christ, being the Messenger of Salvation, from Suffering, and the old Life, the Desert.

Hashem has given us Buddha and Jesus the Christ, two Voices in the Desert to call us away from the Black Flame, or Accept it, or Ignore it, depending on the case chosen. Each legal case.

Like the shrill tone of that reeded instrument that can trap “Demons”, each note, each measure, is composed by God, but WE are the instruments. We are the great Symphony, the Stars are our timing, 4/4 is common, but in the Universe, time is as meaningless as distance. Plasma is the great Judicator, but the ways of man are as hidden as the ways the universe. The Control of the Self was always key, the first death.

Playing the Song to Make ones Demons their slaves and allies, rather than their Masters and Commanders from the Far Side of the Universe. At this point, my research and conversation now feels like one massive ritual or prayer. I assume Prayer. It matters not who or what is <i>listening</i>, as the Target, and the the Intent is all that matters.

Thank you all who defend me, and the rest of humanity who try to help, even if words are disparaging, hate is not in my heart, nor yours. Even if you are paid to do so, God knows, and Hashem Blesses you, to always expose evil and corruption and fraud, no matter what party, or what your belief or faith. Hashem and Jesus the Christ took all of the commandments and created the Sword of the Spirit of Torah, the Charge of the King, Glory is His, He is Glory, Those Who Fight and Die in His Name, shall be free and have Glory and Honor forever in the light, even if you stumble.

Lord Yamma, the God of Death, Jesus the Christ is always there, and will intercede on your Behalf, a lawyer in your court, but YOU are the Judge. Not according to YOUR own Egos rules, morality will never be mentioned once in this trial, breathe easy and with Jesus the Christ the Burden is Light. There is Freedom, and I didn’t understand that until I understood why Buddha told life to “Fuck Off”.